Congratulations! You Have Your Real Estate License – Now What?

Now don’t get me wrong, I commend you on getting through the process of taking the course, and passing the test. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who fail to pass and receive their license. It’s not an easy feat, and you should be very proud of yourself for getting this far.

BUT, unfortunately what you learned in all that Real Estate Training was just to get licensed, and really has no real world worth in getting you started in this very competitive business called Real Estate.

Once you have placed your license with a Broker (and hopefully you did your homework on where you would get the best leadership and guidance), and have ordered your impressive business cards and bought all your desk supplies to get started… what now?

I know, you’re thinking in your mind that your Broker is going to have all the answers, and that you will be handed business now that you are licensed. You’ll start manning the phones during your time “up” for desk duty, and the calls will just come pouring in, right?

I’m sorry to break this to you, but you are now a Business Owner, not an Employee. It’s now time to start learning how to get in front of buyers and sellers in this extremely competitive and hostile market. You’re gonna find that no one is going to “hand you” business. It’s much more likely that there will be those who will try to make sure you don’t GET any business (and I’m not just talking about the agents in other brokerages – watch out for those you hang out in the office with).

So where do you start?

NAR statistics show that over 90% of buyers start their home buying process online. They begin by looking up listings on the internet, and seeing what is available. If all the buyers are searching on the internet, then how can you get in front of them? Guaranteed, it WON’T be by placing a flashy ad in a home buyer magazine, or putting an ad in the newspaper about how awesome of a Realtor you are.

You need to have on online presence, and you need to get it NOW. I know, you’re thinking “Well, I just got my license, and I don’t have any listings, so what do I have to offer?” “How can I get a website up and start marketing when I haven’t made my first sale yet?”

The great news is that internet marketing is now the #1 tool to getting your business in front of buyers and sellers, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to get started. Sure, there are flashy things you can do online that will take money, but to get started it will actually cost you less to start marketing online then it would to place a “Love Me” ad in the newspaper. Wouldn’t you like to get more bang for your buck, especially when you haven’t made your first sale, and you need to conserve every penny possible?

Start your business off on the right foot, and begin an internet presence for your real estate business.

How to Jump-Start Your Real Estate Career

Every day, wooed by the prospect of high income, self-employment, and a myriad of other possibilities, individuals pass the state-mandated real estate exam and obtain their real estate license. These agents plan to have a successful career in real estate-one that will reward them handsomely for their hard work. Yet the harsh truth is, few new licensees go on to succeed as agents, and, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), less than ten percent of all agents earn more than $100,000 per year. What single first step can you take to help ensure a successful career in real estate?

Your first order of business is getting clients. You will do this by making a list of everyone you know and sending them a letter. Most folks are short on time, so keep your letter concise. The list of names (your database) should include EVERYONE-friends, family, church members, folks you’ve worked with in the past, neighbors, your doctor, people you do business with, etc.

The format of your letter will be like so:

  • Paragraph one: Announce the news that you have obtained your real estate license and joined a firm.
  • Paragraph two: Talk about how your previous work experience has prepared you for this career (this will help many folks overcome the fear of referring a “rookie” agent to their friends.
  • Paragraph three: Ask for business.

Here’s a sample letter:

Dear John,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I am writing with some exciting news! I recently obtained my real estate license, and am now a full-time real estate agent for XYZ Realty. XYZ Realty is one of the top five companies in Austin, successfully selling over 1,000 properties a year.

Over the past five years, I have worked as a paralegal for several high-profile law firms. The training and experience I gained from this career, along with rigorous real estate training, has taught me the fundamental skills necessary to assist my clients with all of their real estate needs.

John, if you know of anyone (family member, coworker, church member) who is looking to buy or sell his or her home, please give them my name. I pledge to provide them with unrivaled service. I am confident that they will feel you have done them a great favor in referring me, and you will be very pleased with the results. I have enclosed some of my business cards to assist you in helping me.

Thanks for your friendship, and thanks in advance for helping me spread the word.


Mary Johnson

Send out five to ten business cards with each letter, and make it a point to keep in contact with your database on a monthly basis (via email monthly newsletter, phone call, or mailing).

Keeping your contacts in an online database will also help you stay organized. Assuming that the average person moves once every six years, you can do 50 transactions a year with a database of 300 people, or 25 transactions with only 150 contacts. Get the word out today, and watch your real estate career blossom.

Is Real Estate in Your Future? Look Into Getting Your License

To obtain a real estate license in NY, it is important to be aware of the steps you must take leading up to the test to become licensed. Becoming a real estate salesperson requires a specific number of hours of course study, and the successful completion of the school’s final exam at the end, followed by the New York State exam. Once this is completed, an individual can begin to explore a career in real estate sales. The good news is, according to US News, the unemployment rate for land and buildings agents is relatively low, at 3.9-percent. This means a relatively stable career choice.

In order to obtain a real estate license in New York, the New York Department of State requires a student to complete an approved, 75 hour course. Then, the student must take and pass the school’s final exam and the New York State land and buildings exam. Keep in mind that the school’s final exam must be taken in-person, at an approved proctoring location. This applies for both online courses or in-person courses. After completing the school’s final exam, you can schedule to take the New York State exam, which is held at various locations throughout the State. In order to obtain the time and location you desire for the State exam, you should schedule the exam at least two weeks in advance in New York City, and one week in advance throughout the rest of the State.

Obtaining your real estate salespersons license in the first step you will take while entering into the field of real estate. Once you gain enough experience, based on the requirements outlined in Article 12-A of the NYS Real Property Law, you will be eligible to take your broker’s license course. A licensed broker is capable of creating their own agency and managing other agents.

Once you earn your real estate salesperson license, you have attained the knowledge necessary to help individuals or families find their ideal home while getting a good price for the seller. Purchasing a home is a big undertaking for an individual or family. It is a long-term investment that is the main focus of their life for years to come. A home is the central focal point for a family, where they can live their lives comfortably or visit whenever they need to recharge. Homework is completed and meals are eaten within the walls of this purchase for decades. This means a land and buildings agent helps a family find their peace and safety.

For anyone seeking to earn a real estate license in NY, and pursue a new career, it is good to know that US News considers land and buildings sales to be in the top 20 for business jobs (No. 19). However, when it comes to the 100 best jobs to have, real estate ranks low in the list at No. 78. Still, a reliable income can be made with a land and buildings license, since the median salary is just under $40,000. This is not a career path to be taken lightly, but once a commitment is made, this is the type of career that can last a lifetime and give the individual a great sense of fulfillment.