Getting Your Real Estate License

Being a real estate agent is an exciting and fun career. If you don’t want to be one, you still might want to consider investing in real estate. It is a profitably market, and you can easily get involved with your license as long as you take the proper precautions in mind.

Licensing usually changes from state to state; however, there is a common number of issues or problems you may face. To succeed in grabbing that license, you will want to keep a few important considerations and tips in mind.

More commonly than not, you must achieve certain pre-license requirements. You need to find out what these are so that you can properly prepare for them. It is common for these to contain educational skills, so ensure you know what they consist of.

You may also have to go through a series of requirements after you receive your license. If this is the case, prepare yourself. You should know the general process so that you do not discover unwanted news.

Usually, the questions on the exam are new for the individual. Obviously for this reason, you should do a lot of studying and ensure you know the material.

Take a course to prepare yourself mentally, and ensure you schedule a test right after. This will drastically improve the chance of success, as you will not have forgotten anything.

Furthermore, practice makes perfect. Scour nearby resources for practice exams. This will help you get a better understanding of the material and what is expected. It will also give you a grasp of the test format.

Lastly, you should take a course that guarantees you will pass the exam. If you do not pass the exam, you will need to pay to retake it. By using a course that guarantees your success, you will be able to get some type of money or deal back.

A Career in Real Estate, Is It for You?

It is interesting who comes to real estate school. I know who should come to real estate school. Since almost all real estate is sold on commission, anyone can get a real estate license and start earning money. Many people get a license and never make any money. Other people start to make money immediately and continue making a nice living for the rest of their lives.

I believe that one characteristic that the winners have in common is a genuine desire to succeed. You do not have to earn five hundred thousand per year to be a success. If you are working fifty hours a week at a job you hate with a boss you like even less, perhaps a change would be welcome. If your income is less than stellar that makes the decision even easier. How much would you have to believe you could earn selling real estate to have it make sense. It would seem to me if you could earn the same amount, that would be good. If you could earn more and enjoy it more, that would be great.

Here is something to consider. Are you very, very good at your current job? What if you answered a super YES to that question? Also if you did your current job twice as good as you do, would you make more money? If the answer to this one is no, you need to consider a career selling houses on commission. No commission job is easier to start than selling real estate. All you have to do is; go to school, get a license and brokers will be calling you offering you a job. It is a wonderful opportunity for the right person.

You have to learn a lot. You learned a lot for your current job. If you will commit to learn, a career in real estate will work for you. There is a lot to learn. You are not going to do better without learning whether you change careers or not.

One thing is for certain, you will like your new boss. You are your own boss. This is the good news but it is also the bad news. You are your own boss. Nobody tells you when to go to work, when to take a break, or when to go on vacation. If you are the kind of person that does not need anyone to tell you these things, a career in real estate will work for you.

Learning to make money selling homes is a process. Obviously. the harder you work, the more money you will make. Also the more effectively you work. the more money you will make. The way real estate works,there are people called brokers that will teach you how to get started. They will also teach you to be more effective and make more money.

You will be exposed to lots of training. You will probably make more money, have more fun, and have more control over your own destiny with a career in helping people find a new home.

All my life I have wondered why people put up with a boss telling them when they can go on vacation or which week-end they have to work. Many a hot July day in Florida, I have been sitting in my air-conditioned car watching some guy up on a roof nailing down shingles and I ask myself,”Why doesn’t he climb down from that roof and go to real estate school?”.

The largest obstacle most people face is procrastination. I have had many students tell me” I intended to do this years ago.” Get Started. Set yourself a goal to earn one hundred and fifty per cent of your current income. Enroll in license school. You will amaze yourself.

Congratulations! You Have Your Real Estate License – Now What?

Now don’t get me wrong, I commend you on getting through the process of taking the course, and passing the test. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who fail to pass and receive their license. It’s not an easy feat, and you should be very proud of yourself for getting this far.

BUT, unfortunately what you learned in all that Real Estate Training was just to get licensed, and really has no real world worth in getting you started in this very competitive business called Real Estate.

Once you have placed your license with a Broker (and hopefully you did your homework on where you would get the best leadership and guidance), and have ordered your impressive business cards and bought all your desk supplies to get started… what now?

I know, you’re thinking in your mind that your Broker is going to have all the answers, and that you will be handed business now that you are licensed. You’ll start manning the phones during your time “up” for desk duty, and the calls will just come pouring in, right?

I’m sorry to break this to you, but you are now a Business Owner, not an Employee. It’s now time to start learning how to get in front of buyers and sellers in this extremely competitive and hostile market. You’re gonna find that no one is going to “hand you” business. It’s much more likely that there will be those who will try to make sure you don’t GET any business (and I’m not just talking about the agents in other brokerages – watch out for those you hang out in the office with).

So where do you start?

NAR statistics show that over 90% of buyers start their home buying process online. They begin by looking up listings on the internet, and seeing what is available. If all the buyers are searching on the internet, then how can you get in front of them? Guaranteed, it WON’T be by placing a flashy ad in a home buyer magazine, or putting an ad in the newspaper about how awesome of a Realtor you are.

You need to have on online presence, and you need to get it NOW. I know, you’re thinking “Well, I just got my license, and I don’t have any listings, so what do I have to offer?” “How can I get a website up and start marketing when I haven’t made my first sale yet?”

The great news is that internet marketing is now the #1 tool to getting your business in front of buyers and sellers, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to get started. Sure, there are flashy things you can do online that will take money, but to get started it will actually cost you less to start marketing online then it would to place a “Love Me” ad in the newspaper. Wouldn’t you like to get more bang for your buck, especially when you haven’t made your first sale, and you need to conserve every penny possible?

Start your business off on the right foot, and begin an internet presence for your real estate business.